SurBerry is the result of a family tradition of more than 20 years selecting the best products and those ones who best can take care of them.

We represent a group of passionate, experienced and innovator farmworkers, specialized in strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries production in the south of Andalusia, Portugal and Morocco.

Quality in Every Process

Premium fruits 365 days a year

We base our philosophy in high quality standards, the same in products as in production processes. We aim to do it right: due to our environmental concern, all our producers work in integrated production.

Products from the field straight to the consumer

We follow a continuing improvement program of quality control through a traceability and fruit and logistic control, joining BRC, GLOBAL GAP and IFS certifications.

Research & Development

Adelita & Lupita Raspberries

From Surberry we distribute plants and fruits as a part of the PLANASA program for developing varieties.

Thanks to Adelita, we can produce raspberry 365 days a year, keeping a stable high quality level all year round.

Caracteristicas de la variedad
  • Productivity
  • Size
  • Shelf-life
  • Homogeneity/li>
Adaptation to our customers’ needs

We provide to give the best fruit in every season and adapt our productions, packing lines and standards to all your needs.

Our goal is your satisfaction. We give you the product whenever, wherever and however you wish!

We are also open and reactive for any additional certification you may require.